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The VERY Best Stuffed Hamburger with Hot Pepper Bacon Jam

2 ½ lb - Ground beef 6 tbsp - Joe and Son's Bacon Hot Pepper Jam 6 Slices of American cheese 2 tsp - Salt 2 tsp - Ground black pepper 6 Burger buns ⅓ cup - Melted butter

Dill pickles, sliced, lettuce and tomato

Preheat your grill at 350°F;

Separate the ground beef into 12 equal sized portions; Place a beef patty between two layers of parchment paper and press down to a 1/4 inch flat patty using a cast iron skillet, a burger press, or your hands; Fold a slice of American cheese and place in the center of the beef patty. Close with another 1/4 inch flat patty by pinching and pushing the edges to secure the cheese inside then season with salt and pepper to taste; Repeat for each burger;

Assemble each burger between two grilled buns with a spoonful of of Joe and Son's Bacon Hot Pepper Jam, a grilled beef patty and pickles, lettuce and tomato; Serve and enjoy.


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