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Cooking Temperatures of Extra Virgin and Infused Olive Oils

Can EVOO be used to cook with and at what temperature?


A. This is a complicated question. Supermarket olive oil, labeled as “extra virgin olive oil”, which is not adulterated with refined oil, but is of a typical poor quality as a result of lax processing standards, age, UV light exposure, and poor handling tends to be highly oxidized and or rancid by the time the consumer purchases it. Highly oxidized or rancid olive oil lacks the protective chemistry that would otherwise allow for abuse at higher temperatures before reaching the smoke point.


At Joe and Son's Olive Oils, you will find only the freshest and highest quality of premium olive oils. These oils are able to withstand higher temperatures for sautéing and even frying. Use a few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) in a skillet to quickly sauté vegetables, fish, chicken, or even scramble your eggs. Fresh, premium EVOO can definitely withstand the heat. 

Fresh premium EVOO does have a high smoke point, 410°F which is far above the 250-350°F that covers most cooking.

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