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Vegan: Yes


Carnaroli rice with lemon zests (lemons from Sorrento)- 7 oz (200gr), 3 servings.


The richness and fragrance of lemon oils please our senses in this delicious risotto that will remind you of Ravello city.


Preparation: bring to a boil 3 and 1/5 cups (0.75 Liter) of water with two tablespoons of extra virgin oil. Just add the rice. Stir occasionally and cook until the water is completely absorbed. 


Useful tips: try it with a can of tuna, a butter knob and some parsley.


Wine-paring: Pinot Gris or Verdicchio, or any other medium bodied white wine.


Ingredients: Carnaroli rice, lemon zests, tumeric, garlic, parsley, carrot, onion, vegatal broth.

Marovato Risotto "Ravello" with Lemon Zest

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