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Organic Lemon Honey - a 12oz jar of raw unfiltered honey infused with fresh organic lemon zest from Central Florida, creating a unique and delightful citrus twist to our premium honey.
Made with care and dedication by our small batch beekeepers in Clermont, Florida, HONEY FEAST Organic Lemon Honey is crafted in small 55-gallon batches, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail for our raw unfiltered honey. This honey captures the essence of the Florida region, delivering a distinctive taste experience with each spoonful.
Our raw, unfiltered honey preserves the natural nutrients and flavors, making it the perfect addition to your favorite tea or gourmet dishes. The infusion of organic lemon zest adds a fresh, citrusy twist, making our lemon honey an excellent choice for a variety of culinary uses.

HONEY FEAST Organic Lemon Honey makes a delightful gift for tea lovers, foodies, and fans of artisanal creations. It's a unique and memorable present that is perfect for tea and honey gift sets, tea lovers' gift baskets, gourmet gifts, or as a unique tea gift. Explore the versatile uses of our lemon honey and share the joy of delicious, Florida-made honey with your loved ones.

Lemon Honey 12oz.

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