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Gourmet hot honey infusion. Made in small 55 gallon barrel batches. We infuse a secret spicy pepper into our Raw Wildflower honey barrel and let them get nice and happy together. It tastes sweet and pleasant and after 2-3 seconds the smoky pepper hits your senses for a nice balance of sweet and hot. Try our chili infused honey on vanilla ice cream, pizza or even fried chicken. It's so good as a condiment on your cheese board!


Taste: Sweet with a mild sting!  For the first 1-3 seconds all you taste is our wonderfully sweet wildflower honey.  Then a mild wave of heat sets in providing the sting.


Location: Wildflower honey is the base from Groveland, FL. The honey is produced from organic floral sources located in parks & preserves. These flowers are non GMO and are not sprayed with pesticides or fungicides.

Pairings and Uses: Try hot honey on pizza, vanilla ice cream, fried chicken or with cheeses.



Hot Honey 12oz.

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