Robust Intensity

Crush Date: November 2019



This early harvest green Picual is savory and grassy, displaying stunning notes of tomato leaf, savory artichoke, and green apple. This Picual has pleasing pepper notes with a medium intensity in bitterness and has a pleasant nose. Truly a well-balanced Picual from the famed producer, Oro Bailen. Although a relatively new producer, they 


About the Producer

With brick making as its main activity, back in 2002, the Gálvez-González family decided that as the extra virgin olive oil market stood, a small gap could be seen where a new production line of top quality oils could be developed, including not only the idea of producing a different product, but also that of a new way of understanding this olive juice, which for so many centuries has formed part of the Mediterranean culture and is an identifying mark of their cuisine.


Using these premises, they undertook a new, fascinating project in which, as well as being olive oil producers (harvesters), they would also integrate the different phases of the production process that would help them to reach the end consumer, starting with the preparation phase, moving through the bottling phase and on to the marketing stage, guaranteeing a perfect traceability throughout the entire process, beginning with the forming of the fruit in the olive groves and concluding with the sale of the end product and the transmission of the new philosophy of the extra virgin olive oil to the consumer.



Biophenols: 355.1                

FFA: .17

Oleic Acid:  76.2                   

Peroxide: 4.0

DAGs: 96.8                



Oro Bailen Picual- Medium Intensity (Spain) Nov. 2019

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