An ode to the Ranch in springtime and the aromas that signal its arrival, breathe in notes of our culinary gardens in bloom—rosemary, lavender, and cool spearmint—and use the warmed oil as a massage treatment for a rejuvenated body and soul. Crafted from a proprietary blend of coconut and extra virgin olive oil with a natural, skin-grade fragrance. Soy free and 100% vegan.


Budbreak is an ode to spring—when the olive trees and vines are awakened from their winter slumber, nutrients from the plants’ roots bring energy into the buds causing them to break open (an annual phenomenon known as Budbreak) and another season’s fruit development begins.


This garden scent was crafted to harness energy for renewal, awakening, and rebirth. Designed for celebrating new beginnings and blossoming into one’s fullest potential.


Trim the wick to 1/4" before lighting to begin your ritual. To use as a massage oil, allow the wax to melt—creating a pool of luxurious golden liquid that extends to all sides of the container. Before applying to your skin, extinguish the flame and let cool for one minute. Drizzle into your hands or apply with your fingertips and massage yourself into awakening, letting notes of our culinary gardens fill your senses. Note: warmed oil creates a divine ritual, but can be deliciously messy too; pour oil over a safe surface and wipe up any excess with a damp cloth or towel right away. Approximate burn time: 25-30 hours. Ideal burning session: 1-3 hours.

Ode Olive Oil Candle - Budbreak