As always, this award-winning Hoji is complex and layered with notes of pronounced stone fruit, sweet green tomato and savory garden herbs. During harvest, attention to detail elevated the quality to its peak yielding a smaller batch and limited production. Get it while it lasts!  


ABOUT THE PRODUCER: Established in 1780, the Melgarejo Estate has been producing olive oil for centuries. The estate hails from the "Sea of Olives" in Jaén, Spain, where the dry Mediterranean climate provides favorable conditions for growing olives—long, hot summers and mild winters. Both in Spain and abroad, the Melgarejo Estate is regarded as a pillar of exceptional quality. With the kind of expertise that only comes with time, they have nearly elevated olive cultivation to an art form. And indeed, though four generations have gone before, the Melgarejo passion for olives is still very much alive and well.


Robust Intensity


Polyphenols: 417.5
FFA: coming soon

Oleic Acid: coming soon

Peroxide: coming soon

DAGs: coming soon


CRUSH DATE:  November 2020


Hojiblanca Robust Intensity (Jaén, Spain)