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This delicious gift set includes four 60ml / 2oz. bottles:


- Blood Orange Olive Oil

- Persian Lime Olive Oil

- Grapefruit White Balsamic

- Tangerine Balsamic


Wonder what sunshine tastes like? This versatile selection of olive oils and balsamic vinegars is it! Use alone or pair either of these citrus balsamics with Persian Lime or Blood Orange Olive Oil for a flavorful vinaigrette to drizzle over seasonal fruit or over a fruit salad. The olive oils are wonderful on vegetables, seafood, or in baked goods. The applications for our Florida Sampler are endless­—adding brightness and a refreshing touch to just about anything. Set includes four, 60 ml (2.0 fl. oz.) bottles, one of each flavor.

Florida Sampler - 4 Pack Sampler

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