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Our Small Batch Bourbon Honey is made one barrel at a time. We infuse Non GMO Kentucky bourbon into our 55 gallon barrel of Raw Wildflower Honey and let them get nice and happy together. Delicious in that morning coffee or drizzled on some biscuits. Perfect infused honey bourbon gift for the that bourbon lover.


Taste: Sweet raw honey and bourbon all in one flavor explosion.  We love the combination and you will too.  


Pairings and Uses: This small batch bourbon honey has been used in award -winning drinks and deserts. Great in coffee, tea, glazed on meats, over deserts, cheese cake and ice cream.


Location: Wildflower honey is the base from Groveland, FL, and the Non GMO bourbon is from Kentucky.  The honey is produced from organic floral sources located in parks & preserves. These flowers are non GMO and are not sprayed with pesticides or fungicides.



Bourbon Honey 3oz.

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