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Carefully crafted, Truffle Dust is a unique blend of porcini and champignon mushrooms, dried aromatics like garlic and onions and the intensely savory flavor of one of the culinary world’s most prized ingredients – truffles.


The flavor and aroma of truffles is notoriously hard to describe. Their bold, intoxicating aroma and powerful, slightly garlicky yet deeply earthy flavor make these rare forest treasures one of the most mysterious and luxurious ingredients in the kitchen.


Our Truffle Dust blends the rich, distinctive flavor of truffles with savory mushrooms and a medley of aromatic ingredients like garlic and onion, creating a luxuriously versatile seasoning. Use Truffle Dust to season dishes during preparation to enhance their savory flavor, or sprinkle it onto finished dishes just before serving.


Net Weight:  3 Oz

Black Truffle Dust

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