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April 5, 2020

Spring is here and this dish is bursting with fresh lemon flavor and is so easy to make! Chicken breasts are soaked in a bright, garlicky marinade and grilled to lightly charred perfection.

Grilled Lemon Chicken:

4 (6 oz) boneless skinless chicken breast halves*

1/3 cup Eureka Lemon Olive Oil

1/3 cup Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic Vinegar

4 cloves garlic , minced (1 1/2 Tbsp)

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

In a small mixing bowl, whisk together...

April 3, 2020

Believe it or not, this is a wonderful martini with the perfect amount of sweetness and just a touch of sour. 

2.5 oz good quality vodka (a shot glass is typically 1.5 oz)

3 tsp Raspberry White Balsamic

In a cocktail shaker add the vodka and Raspberry White Balsamic with ice. Shake very well, serve straight up in a martini glass.

Garnish with a fresh raspberry. (Who are we kidding... During the COVID 19, who gives a flip about garnishing. And while you are at...

March 28, 2020

The first “Old Fashioned” cocktail was first mentioned by Jerry Thomas in his 1862 book Bartenders Guide: How To Mix Drinks. The big difference was that instead of whiskey or bourbon, It was Old Holland Gin as the main ingredient.In 1895 Modern American Drinks, written by George Kappeler, was published with a Whiskey Old Fashioned. It read, “Dissolve a small lump of sugar with a little water in a whiskey-glass; add two dashes Angostura bitters, a small piec...

March 27, 2020

The best thing about hot pasta is that it can "cook" its own sauce. Here is a quick stir-in sauce that will give your child a good dose of fresh vegetables. 

6 chopped fresh tomatoes plus half a cup of water, or 1 large can of chopped tomatoes

6 baby carrots

½ tsp. salt

2 tbsp Basil Infused Olive Oil

8 oz. cooked wagon wheels

Grated parmesan or Romano cheese (optional)

What to do with your kids:

Invite your child to count out 6 tomatoes. Put them in a line from lar...

March 27, 2020

This is the real deal, but if you don't like to bake from scratch, don't be afraid to use your favorite box mix and simply substitute the oil it calls for with our Blood Orange Olive Oil! 

1 cup Blood Orange Olive Oil

1 1/4 cups (9oz/260g) white sugar

1 cup packed light brown sugar

4 large eggs, at room temperature

1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract

3/4 teaspoon salt

1 cup all purpose flour

1 cup good quality, unsweetened cocoa powder


March 27, 2020

3 cups white rice, cooked (great way to use up leftover rice!)

3 cups whole or 2% milk

2/3 cup sugar

1/8 tsp sea salt

2 tbsp Eureka Lemon Olive Oil

1/2 cup raisins (optional)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp cinnamon, divided

Combine cooked rice, milk, sugar, salt, and olive oil in a medium saucepan. Add raisins, if desired, and vanilla. Cook for 25 minutes or until most of the liquid is absorbed. Mix in half of the cinnamon. Spoon pudding into a serving dish and dust w...

March 27, 2020

The combination of sweet with subtle heat and smokiness adds amazing depth of flavor. In place of goopy mayo, this vibrant and colorful salad has a zippy vinaigrette which is a sure crowd-pleaser.

2 pounds sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into 1-inch cubes

2 celery ribs, diced

1/2 cup diced green onion

1/3 cup diced yellow or red bell pepper

3 tbsp chopped fresh parsley

3 tbsp Baklouti Green Chili Olive Oil, divided

1/3 cup Olivewood Smoked Olive Oil

1/3 cup Cinnamon...

March 27, 2020

It only takes a few simple steps to make the rich sauce for this melt-in-your-mouth mainstay. Not to mention, comforting macaroni and cheese reaches a new level of gourmet with a drizzle of sumptuous truffle infused olive oil. Try baking individual portions in oiled muffin pans, and pass a tray of mini macs at your next party.

4 tbsp Truffle Olive Oil

4 tbsp all-purpose flour

4 cups milk

1/2 tsp sea salt

1/4 tsp fresh cracked pepper

2 (8-ounce) bags of sharp ched...

March 27, 2020

2 Russet Potatoes

2 Sweet Potatoes

1/4 cup milk, half n' half or heavy cream

3 Tbsp Garlic Olive Oil

2 Tbsp Cuban Mojo Spice

Peel and slice the potatoes into ¼” thick slices. Place in a large stock pot and cover with water. Allow the water to come to a boil then cook the potatoes until fork tender, about 10-12 minutes (do not overcook or the potatoes could produce a glue like finished product). Drain the liquid off of the potatoes.

With a mixer or potato ricer, m...

March 25, 2020

Who says you need mayo for a tuna salad? Asian inspired tuna salad with canned tuna, green onion, radishes, cilantro, shredded carrot, Honey Ginger Balsamic and and Dark Toasted Sesame Oil. Serve it over chopped lettuce, in a sandwich, in lettuce wraps, or our favorite, tossed with Japanese buckwheat soba noodles.

3 5 oz cans of white albacore tuna packed in water, drained 

8—10 small radishes, cut into wedges

1 large carrot, shredded

1/2 tsp red chili fla...